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Curriculum Coach and Resource Instructor Page

Welcome and thanks for visiting the curriculum coach and resource instructor page. This is a new position at DAA and as such it may be helpful to know the role that the coach and resource instructor plays.

What does a curriculum coach do?

A curriculum coach’s main job is to support the teachers. The coach and teachers will work collaboratively and focus on evidenced-based and practical strategies to engage students. The relationship between teachers and coach is non-evaluative and supportive. Coaches also provide high-quality professional development for teachers, teach model lessons, and work closely with the principal. Rather than being viewed as short-termed, the position is a long-term project with on-going goals of supporting teacher instruction and helping them continue giving students the best tools for success.

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What is a resource instructor?

At DAA, the resource instructor’s goal is to make a difference in the students’ learning by providing tiered support and collaborating with the teachers. Students who need extra resources for learning may receive in-class strategies or small group instruction or individual instruction or perhaps a multifaceted approach. The instructor will use evidenced-based interventions to help those students achieve success. Why do all this? Because one size does not fit all, all students are deserving of appropriate education, and we want to find ways to help support growth and success in all of our students.

Who is the curriculum coach and resource instructor and what are her qualifications?

Greetings, I’m Jan Leigh and I am so happy to be a part of the DAA team. Though I’ve been blessed to have taught for twenty years in the SDA school system, I am excited to be able to serve in a different educational capacity. During my twenty years in the classroom, I had the opportunity to teach a variety of levels and subjects from K-12 both multi-grade and single grade, including high school English. In addition, I helped create and edit Language Arts curriculum for the Florida Conference and the Atlantic Union Conference as well as developed and facilitated a number of teacher workshops and professional developments. Recently, I completed an M.S. in Counseling at Loma Linda University that included hands-on experience with mental health and school counseling. I am grateful for these experiences as I feel it has led me here and to the privilege of serving DAA.