Kindergarten / 1st Grade / 2nd Grade

Rebekah Trudeau


I believe learning should be about discovery and exploration. I like children to come together as a community. I use a variety of teaching techniques such as small & large groups, independent seat work, and learning centers.

We start each day with worship and I feel so blessed to share my love of Jesus with my students everyday. We complete many activities through our day from PE, computer time, & science. My students work on mastering their letters & letter sounds and develop the skills needed for reading. Students will spend time on phonemic awareness: listening to and creating rhymes, identifying beginning and ending word sounds, and by the end of the year sounding out, spelling and reading three-letter words.

Learning of all kinds takes place in my class and it is such a joy for me to watch each child learn & grow. God has a plan for each child and what an amazing job I have to be a part of it.

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