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2nd - 4th Grade

Meet Mrs. Rivas

I stomped into the kitchen and proudly announced, “My name means great teacher, so I am going to be a teacher someday!”  I was three, and I have never wavered from this declaration.  This was no surprise to my parents because teaching is in my blood.  My paternal grandparents ran a small two room school in Stockton, California and my mother is a professor at Walla Walla University.  God has used this amazing group of teachers and my determination for his work.  I have taught high school English for four years, preschool at an Adventist Child Development Center, and this will be my second year teaching a multi-grade classroom at Desert Adventist Academy.  As you may have figured out by now, I am a determined and strong, but I tend to also enjoy routine and being silly.

Classroom Philosophy

I believe a classroom is a place where kids can feel free to learn, make mistakes, and grow intellectually and socially.  My goal is to give them structure and routine, so that they can take that and apply it to their further learning in my class and beyond.  While still trying to include fun and silly ways to make the learning environment positive—like turning my room into a pirate ship!  

Classroom Goal

My hope is that every child who comes into my classroom sees the potential that I see in them and that they too can achieve any goal they set their mind to even if that is the same as that little three year old so many years ago.



Classroom Supply List

2nd - 4th Grade Class Schedule