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School Uniforms


Desert Adventist Academy uniforms are available for purchase at Global Schoolwear.

Use DAA's school code DESE01 then select your child's grade, gender, and for program select Daily Uniform. 

Allow 3-5 Business Days for Order Processing in addition to the shipping method selected. 

Do not wait until the last minute to purchase uniforms!


The dress policy of Desert Adventist Academy is designed to promote an image of excellence.  The dress and appearance standards exist as guiding principles aimed at modesty, comfort, practicality, cleanliness, health and safety.  The administration and faculty recognize the importance of self-expression and independence.  The image that a student creates is a reflection of the student’s commitment to Desert Adventist Academy’s standard of excellence.  The following code has been developed to assist students in understanding the image that is appropriate for participants in Desert Adventist Academy’s academic program.

School uniform tops are to be worn during school and after school care hours unless told otherwise by school personnel.  Uniform tops (polos) with school logo can be purchased from Normans Uniform Company. Information for purchasing can be obtained in the front office

 Modest pants, shorts, skorts, or skirts of a khaki color are to be worn with the uniform top.  Neither jeans or athletic style shorts or pants are a part of the school uniform.

 Pants and shorts should fit properly at the waistline (as a reference, pants should stay at the waistline with or without a belt).  Shorts/skirts must be of a modest length, finger-tip length or longer from knee.  This applies to athletic attire as well.  No spandex athletic shorts are to be worn.

Clothing should be neat and in good repair (no torn, frayed or inappropriately patched clothing).

Appropriate shoes are to be worn at all times.  Beach flip flops are not acceptable footwear.

Rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and other jewelry are not to be worn at school or school functions.  This includes clear studs and anything that covers jewelry, i.e. Band-Aids, tape, etc.

Hats and caps may not be worn in classrooms.  Hats and caps worn on campus should be neat and appropriate for school.  Bandannas are not allowed at any school function.

The use of cosmetics, including nail polish, that attract undue attention should be avoided.  Hair and cosmetic colors should be natural in appearance.

The dress policy of Desert Adventist Academy applies to all school events, on or off campus. THE FINAL DETERMINATION OF APPROPRIATE DRESS, RESTS WITH THE FACULTY.